Hi, I'm Marcus Siegel

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What I Do

I am a Full-Stack Developer who combines a passion for design and creativity to craft beautifully designed frontend components and web applications.

More about me

Having recently completed the intensive Software Engineering program at Flatiron, I am ready to implement and maintain the next generation of your organization’s frontend platform using my knowledge of domain-driven design, React, JavaScript, and best practices in software/web development, API design, and testing.

More importantly, I am a proven collaborator focused on delivering business value for customers and improving the code base for my peers. I look forward to collaborating with fellow engineers, clients, and companies worldwide to produce robust solutions that set the standard in the industry.


Full-Stack Developer with a primary focus on React + Node:

  • React
  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • MongoDB
  • AWS (RDS/S3)
  • SASS

Some of my past projects

Archivo del Santo

A MERN stack streaming platform for the films of Luchador El Santo.

React, Styled Components, CSS/SASS, Node, Express, MongoDB

Live Demo Github
Hey, Weather

A Node application for viewing the weather made as a project for test API iteration.

JavaScript, Node, Express, Handlebars, CSS/SASS, HTML

Live Demo Github

A story telling platform for sharing interesting stories with friends and followers.

React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MaterialUI, CSS

Live Demo Github

A simple data visualization application made with React, Next.js, and custom responsive CSS.

React, CSS, Next.js, Vercel

Live Demo Github

A social media platform made with Typescript, React, Next.js, and custom responsive CSS.

Typescript, GraphQL, React, CSS, Next.js, Vercel

Live Demo Github

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